Shakespeare lives 4ever - devoted to the 400th anniversary of the great English poet and playwright's death commemorated in 2016

 This Shakespeare Lives schools’ pack has been created by the British Council in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Specially designed to encourage learning across the curriculum, the resource is split into five key themes; Leadership and Power, Family and Relationships, Identity and Equality, Fate and Destiny, Justice and Rules. Within each themed section you will find a wide range of activities for pupils aged 7-14. These can be used as starting points in individual lessons or as elements of a cross-curricular project, which could be carried out with a partner school overseas.  
Shakespeare for all ages and stagesThis booklet contains a suggested framework of opportunities and experiences, designed to help children and young people to make steady progress in their understanding and enjoyment of Shakespeare.

SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS (free pdf download):

Hamlet    Romeo&Juliet    Romeo&Juliet (adapted for young learners)         The Twelfth Night     The Midsummer's Night Dream    The Tempest        Macbeth (in plain English)

Shakespeare Lives video resources

Show your students filmed RSC productions while you work through the resource pack.

Macbeth – Act 2 Scene 2
The Merchant of Venice Act 3 Scene 1
Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 5
As You Like It Act 3 Scene 2
Hamlet Act 1 Scene 2
Julius Caesar Act 3 Scene 2
Henry V – Act 3 Scene 1